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Journal Entry: Fri Feb 21, 2014, 8:26 PM
Okay everyone, here are the rules:

1. The first 10 people to leave a comment will be featured along with 3 pieces of their work in this journal.  You can choose which three yourself, or you can let me pick which ones I like the best.

2. If you get a feature, please do the same for me and ten others in your own journal. Come on folks spread the love.

3. There's one other limit for this: you've got to be watching me to get a feature!

Featured Artists
1. :iconjaws976: :thumb431620867: :thumb409063939: :thumb434847524:
2. :iconsporklogic: Vorgon Winner Eats All (revised WIP)
**PLEASE read the notes in the deviation description before reading this story!**
Grippik was a lowly, ugly, disgusting Vorgon; he was horribly undersized, and were it not for his savage will to live, he would have been dead years ago. At only 8 feet tall, he wasn't much bigger than a human, and his tail was a long as he was tall. He was repulsive. He had even learned to use his tail to snare food! How rude and uncivilized!
He was perfect.
Now that the Royal Ambassador of Vorgon stopped Tarrgon every time to claim 5 girls for himself, Greeble was losing reputation, money, and customers; not to mention to humiliating business of having to inform a club member that his meal had been "lost during shipment". Greeble wouldn't tolerate Tarrgon's excuses much longer. Even though Tarrgon had no control over the RA, Greeble would expect him to find a solution. Tarrgon needed to find a way to obtain 5 more girls without asking the humans. Some of the girls in the last load hadn't been quite so p
Two by Two
Kathy awoke to the sound of a scream that was quickly silenced with a muffled grunt. She found herself naked on the concrete floor of a strange dimly lit room, and began to panic as her mind raced through the memory of how she had gotten here. She had been grabbed from behind on her way home from work; Chloroform in an alley in broad daylight!
The room was huge: at least one-hundred feet wide by just as long with a low ceiling; only about six feet high. It was like a basement or a garage, and Kathy couldn't be certain, but one entire wall seemed to be made of glass. The small amount of light came from all the way across to the other end of the room. And then Kathy found the source of the scream. Kathy reeled in horror and collapsed to her knees in disbelief. This couldn't be real.
An impossibly large snake was eating another woman. She was being swallowed head first, and was already in past her shoulders! And she was alive. Kathy knew that snakes always strangled they prey first. Prey?
The Resolution"Have you made any New Year's Resolutions, Humphrey?" Tabitha's bright blue eyes smiled eagerly as she awaited an answer from the big purple space worm. Humphrey smiled mischievously before replying, and Tabitha should have known what that answer would be.
"I resolve to eat you!" Tabitha's blond curls bounced and her size C's jiggled as she laughed along with Humphrey. It had become a fond joke to them both. Humphrey had purchased Tabitha from the market nearly 3 years ago, and could have eaten her at any time, if he wanted. The simple truth was, he had never felt like it. He enjoyed her company. It wasn't as if he cared about her, he got lonely sometimes. Tabitha amused him. It was clear that she was just as afraid of being eaten as she was in awe of the prospect.
Tabitha was a model slave; she was willing to perform any task given to her, but she was also highly intelligent, and had a mind of her own. Her ability to perform almost before being asked was prized by Humphrey, and he had


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I do not know, looking into it now. 
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Thank you for the Dave.
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Thanks for faving Fern dressed as the Goddess Kali! I really appreciate it! ^^
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