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Caprice's Dance at the Vore Club by VoreCreator
Caprice's Dance at the Vore Club
Caprice raised her leg and pressed her bare pussy up against the dance pole, her aroused womanhood dripping as she slid it up and down the cold metal rod for her audience’s pleasure.  Her nipples were rock hard with excitement, and Caprice’s heart felt like it wanted to leap out of her chest.  She knew what was going to happen to her, but she didn’t know when or by what.  For all she knew she only had seconds left for her dance, or half an hour!  The anticipation was driving her over the edge which caused her to get wilder with her performance.  She spun around the pole and flung her hair wildly to the hoots and howlers from the crowd.  She danced on for several more minutes, anticipation growing throughout the club.  Buy suddenly and quietly, an opening appeared along the side of the dancing platform Caprice was preforming on.  Caprice continued to dance, unaware that a large and very hungry carnivorous plant had just slithered out from underneath her stage and was now hovering over her from behind, ready to feast!  Before Caprice could even notice it was there, the plant came down on her, swallowing her head and shoulders in one large gulp.  A muffled cry came from within the plant as it began to swallow the rest of Caprice’s tasty body, but she soon calmed down from the initial shock and quickly started to massage her pussy as the plant ate her.  The carnivorous plant made quick work of Caprice, and soon all that could be seen of the gorgeous dancer was her very vivid outline as she slowly slid down the plants long stem to the digesting chamber.  The crowd cheered Caprice’s great finale she had given them with her dance and voring, toasting her as they drank a round of shots.  However when a cute red-head jumped up on stage and began to dance, Caprice quickly faded from memory as all they could think of was how much they wanted to watch this new girl get eaten. . .       


This was made by request from :iconmatthis17:  I hope you like it. 
An Orca's Meal by VoreCreator
An Orca's Meal
Sarah climbed out of the water and walked along the wooden deck as she looked out across the gorgeous blue ocean.  It was a lovely day at the Vore House tropical island, with the warm sun high in the sky and a comfortable breeze blowing in from the water.  Sarah took a deep breath, arching her back a little to thrust out her large dripping breasts as she enjoyed the wonderful sensation of the wind blowing against her naked wet body.  She closed her eyes and began to relaxed in the peaceful afternoon heat.

"Ah, it's a beautiful day isn't it?" Said a voice from behind Sarah.  

Sarah's eyes shot open, her breathing quickened as she suddenly realized who had just approached her.  Nervously, Sarah turned to face the new comer, her blonde hair blowing around her face as her blue eyes met with his.

VC gave Sarah what some girls might have mistaken as a reassuring smile, but Sarah knew better by now.

"Don't you agree it is a beautiful day?"  He asked her again.

"Oh ye-yes sir, yes it is."  Sarah replied uncomfortably. 

She looked back out across the ocean at a group of sea birds flying around trying to act casual and completely undisturbed by VC's presence.  Newer girls around Vore House usually were thrilled to meet the great VC, however Sarah had been around long enough to know that if he started talking to a lovely young female employee like herself about seemingly unimportant things, it was a coin toss chance that she would end up as the next meal for some hungry predator. 

"I must say, you look rather stunning today yourself.  I've always been an admirer of your wonderful breasts and beautiful ass."  VC said with a slight chuckle. 

Trying her best to stay calm Sarah looked back at VC.

"Thank you, you're too kind sir." 

She gave him a smile that Sarah hoped hid her growing fear of the situation.   

"Oh come now, enough with the sirs, just call me VC."

"Sure siahh, I mean, VC."  Sarah stammered. 

VC just gave another chuckle as he looked her over.

"Um, if you don't mind me asking, what does VC stand for?"  Sarah asked nervously

Sarah wasn't quite sure if this was a very good question to ask, but she felt if she just stood there and continued acting like an idiot VC might just feed her to something out of boredom.

"Don't worry I don't mind you asking.  It stands for Vore Creator, because I create vore."  He replied smoothly.

"Oh, and are you looking to 'create' any vore right now, or are you just here to enjoy the view with me?"  Sarah asked uncomfortably. 

"Actually yes, I am looking to create more vore, and I was hoping you could help me with that." 

Sarah gave a horrified gasp.  This was it she thought, time for me to get eaten.

"Wh-what did you have in mind?"  She managed to ask through all the mixed emotions that suddenly flooded her system.

"Well, you see our resident Orca hasn't eaten that much since the show had to be put on hold dew to all that nasty business that happened, so I was hoping you would be so kind as to feed him for me."

"I doubt you're giving me much choice, but why me?"

"Well you looked so gorgeous out here all naked and dripping wet, you seemed like the perfect meal to feed him."

"Oh. . ."

Sarah mentally cursed her decision to go out swimming nude.

"Now come along Sarah, he's already here and he's probably hungry for his meal."

VC gabbed Sarah by the arm and gently guided her over towards the edge of the deck.  To her surprise Sarah saw a large Orca waiting for her. 

"Now just lay down on the deck and offer yourself to him, he'll do the rest.

Sarah obeyed.  Best to go out smoothly and with some dignity.  After all she knew full well that this could happen to her when she signed on to work for Vore House.  Sarah laid herself down on the deck and dangled her shapely legs out in  front of the Orca.  It eyed her feet for a moment, before opening wide and engulfing her legs in its massive maw.

"Oh gawd. . ."  Sarah whimpered as the Orca began to pull her off the deck and further into its mouth.

The hungry 'Killer Whale' took care not to harm Sarah as it ate her, something Sarah wasn't too sure was going to be a good thing for her in the end.  Some of the digestion scenes she had seen seemed pretty rough.  She began to breath heavily causing her breasts to heave up and down as the Orca continued to swallow her whole.  Sarah looked over at VC with pleading eyes, but she was just met with a hungry smile as he watched her voring with amusement.  The Orca gave a few more large gulps, and suddenly Sarah found herself sliding down its long throat.  She gave a little cry of panic as she disappeared forever into the Orca's stomach, fearfully looking at her surroundings as she came to rest in her fleshy tomb.  Digestive fluids began to flood into the stomach and engulfed the horrified girl.  She tried to fight to get out before the digestion fluid could start doing its work, but she knew it was too late.  The Orca had probably dived to the bottom of the ocean by now, and besides she had nothing to cut her way out with anyways.  Sarah wrapped her arms around her legs and curled up into a ball as the digestive juices slowly enveloped her, choosing not to fight the inevitable.  She was just some Orca food, digesting away to give it nourishment.  It took Sarah several minutes to pass out, and by that time the digestion fluids had filled the stomach chamber and her body was quickly being dissolved within the satisfied Orca's belly. 

Unknown to Sarah (although she assumed they were there) cloaked camera drones filmed her voring and it was played back for the fans of the show that still were able to access it after it was officially put on hold.   
Jabba's Precious Gem by VoreCreator
Jabba's Precious Gem
Jiljoo relaxed on her master's throne beside the slimy Hutt, enjoying the short time Jabba allowed her to rest before she was required to please him again.  The beautiful red-skinned twi'lek was by Jabba's side day and night with a leash around her neck to keep her close to the Hutt, as well as to remind her that she is nothing but a pet to the mighty crime lord.  Jabba would jokingly refer to Jiljoo as his precious 'Gem', since that was the meaning for her name in the Twi'leki language and he thought it funny to tease her with it. 
Seela The Twi'lek Dancer by VoreCreator
Seela The Twi'lek Dancer
Seela had recently entered Jabba's dark palace with a growing fear that she may never see the outside again.  She was given over to the mighty Hutt Lord by her father as payment for a debt he was unable to pay.  Seela didn't hate her father for what he did, she understood why he had to do it and it wasn't that uncommon of a thing to happen to a lovely twi'lek girl like herself.  She was trained to dance by Jabba's (current) harem mistress, and was spending the rest of her time perched on Jabba's throne as a sort of trophy.  Seela leaned quickly from her experienced teacher, and she soon became one of the most popular dancers within the palace with her skills at dancing, along with a few other skills she was taught to please her betters.  She was focused to wear a pink mesh outfit that left very little to the imagination, and often Jabba would have some 'fun' with her that usually left her covered in a think layer of slime and thoroughly disgusted.  Seela found that her happiest moments during her everyday life in Jabba's palace was when she was allowed to dance.  When she was out preforming for everyone, she could for a beef moment be free, and imagine herself flying away from this horrible place.  It was moments like these that kept her going, even when Jabba or his guests raped her, or when people stared lustfully at her breasts through her mesh outfit, she just imagine that sensation of freedom again and everything seemed a little less dark, a little less hopeless. . .


Templeton Peck
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Journal Entry: Fri Feb 21, 2014, 8:26 PM
Okay everyone, here are the rules:

1. The first 10 people to leave a comment will be featured along with 3 pieces of their work in this journal.  You can choose which three yourself, or you can let me pick which ones I like the best.

2. If you get a feature, please do the same for me and ten others in your own journal. Come on folks spread the love.

3. There's one other limit for this: you've got to be watching me to get a feature!

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A summer job was positively the most boring thing imaginable for 20-year-old Krissy. Having flunked out of college due to spending all of her time performing vocals for her boyfriend's band, her furious parents forced her to earn their wasted money back. Seeing as how she had little to no actual job experience, Krissy grudgingly ended up taking a part-time job at a nearby zoo. Krissy hated every minute of it, her job was simple but mind-numbingly dull. All she had to do was wait around and feed a couple of animals all day long. Due to advances in technology, most of the time all she had to do was press a button and food would appear at that particular animal's enclosure. A month passed, and Krissy was sweating profusely in her work uniform. She was baking in the hot July sun, she cursed her tight restricting uniform and longed for the nights she spent singing onstage with electric fans blowing cold air in her face. Krissy angrily stepped inside the insect office, she slumped in the emp

2. :iconsporklogic: Vorgon Winner Eats All (revised WIP)
**PLEASE read the notes in the deviation description before reading this story!**
Grippik was a lowly, ugly, disgusting Vorgon; he was horribly undersized, and were it not for his savage will to live, he would have been dead years ago. At only 8 feet tall, he wasn't much bigger than a human, and his tail was a long as he was tall. He was repulsive. He had even learned to use his tail to snare food! How rude and uncivilized!
He was perfect.
Now that the Royal Ambassador of Vorgon stopped Tarrgon every time to claim 5 girls for himself, Greeble was losing reputation, money, and customers; not to mention to humiliating business of having to inform a club member that his meal had been "lost during shipment". Greeble wouldn't tolerate Tarrgon's excuses much longer. Even though Tarrgon had no control over the RA, Greeble would expect him to find a solution. Tarrgon needed to find a way to obtain 5 more girls without asking the humans. Some of the girls in the last load hadn't been quite so p
Two by Two
Kathy awoke to the sound of a scream that was quickly silenced with a muffled grunt. She found herself naked on the concrete floor of a strange dimly lit room, and began to panic as her mind raced through the memory of how she had gotten here. She had been grabbed from behind on her way home from work; Chloroform in an alley in broad daylight!
The room was huge: at least one-hundred feet wide by just as long with a low ceiling; only about six feet high. It was like a basement or a garage, and Kathy couldn't be certain, but one entire wall seemed to be made of glass. The small amount of light came from all the way across to the other end of the room. And then Kathy found the source of the scream. Kathy reeled in horror and collapsed to her knees in disbelief. This couldn't be real.
An impossibly large snake was eating another woman. She was being swallowed head first, and was already in past her shoulders! And she was alive. Kathy knew that snakes always strangled they prey first. Prey?
The Resolution"Have you made any New Year's Resolutions, Humphrey?" Tabitha's bright blue eyes smiled eagerly as she awaited an answer from the big purple space worm. Humphrey smiled mischievously before replying, and Tabitha should have known what that answer would be.
"I resolve to eat you!" Tabitha's blond curls bounced and her size C's jiggled as she laughed along with Humphrey. It had become a fond joke to them both. Humphrey had purchased Tabitha from the market nearly 3 years ago, and could have eaten her at any time, if he wanted. The simple truth was, he had never felt like it. He enjoyed her company. It wasn't as if he cared about her, he got lonely sometimes. Tabitha amused him. It was clear that she was just as afraid of being eaten as she was in awe of the prospect.
Tabitha was a model slave; she was willing to perform any task given to her, but she was also highly intelligent, and had a mind of her own. Her ability to perform almost before being asked was prized by Humphrey, and he had


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