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August 25, 2012
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The palace was dark and quiet. The only person awake was a beautiful slave girl who was lying down in a lonely corner of the slave chambers. Her name was Liza. She was a beautiful human girl with lovely blond hair that came down the front of her sexy form to partially cover her marvelous breast. She was sold to Jabba the Hutt about six months ago by a slave merchant who kidnapped her one night after watching her dance at the strip club on Coruscant that she used to work at. As soon as the Hutt had ownership over her, he had her striped in front of everyone in the throne room, put into a see through fishnet dance outfit with a slit that exposed her pussy, and had a collar and a leash placed around her neck.

Right at this moment she was trying to fall asleep, but couldn’t lose the image of her poor friend Kiska being eaten by Jabba’s pet rancor after she refused to please her master. Liza feared that she wasn’t pleasing Jabba as much as she once did, and that he was growing bored with her and will soon feed her to his hungry pet. But she knew that there wasn’t much more that she could do, for she was already trying her best to please the lustful Hutt. Liza shut her eyes to try once again to fall asleep, but couldn’t with the fear that the next day may be her last.

Liza had only two hours of sleep by the time she was awaken by a guard, who roughly pulled Liza to her feet by the chain around her neck. He brought her to the throne room where she was to sit with her master until he wanted her to dance. The guard attached the end of Liza’s leash to the throne and left for a moment to come back with her breakfast. Liza made sure to eat all of it because she knew that she may not get any more food for the rest of the day if she somehow displeases her master.

After a couple of agonizing hours sitting next to the smelly Hutt, Bib Fortuna entered the throne room with a beautiful green skinned twi’lek girl following closely behind him. “My great lord Jabba the Hutt, I bring to you a gift” said Bib Fortuna with a slight bow as he indicated to the twi’lek. “Her name is Oola. I’ve had her trained at one of the greatest dance schools on Ryloth and I am sure that she will please you well.”

With that Bib Fortuna moved Oola closer to Jabba. Liza watched as Oola’s clothes where stripped from her body and taken away. Jabba put his arms around the naked twi’lek girl to hold her in place. Oola moaned in disgust as Jabba stretched out his long, slimy tongue towards her and started to lick her gorgeous body. Suddenly Jabba shot his tail up into Oola’s womanhood, causing her to scream in pain and surprise as Jabba pushed his tail deep into her pussy.

Liza wished she could leave and not watch what Jabba was doing to the poor twi’lek, but then her mind went back to the rancor. She remembered only too well what happened when Jabba fed her predecessor to the hungry beast just because he was bored with her and wanted a new slut to set next to him. The fear that her time to be devoured by the rancor was soon to come hung over her as she watched Jabba drill his tail in and out of Oola’s tight pussy. All the slaves said that once Jabba finds a girl he likes better than the one who holds the honor of being his favorite, he feeds the old girl to the rancor and replaces her with the new one, and that’s if the girl doesn’t displease him first. Liza looked up at Oola, fearing that this is the girl that Jabba will choose to replace her.

After what seemed like ages, Jabba finished playing with his new toy and sent Oola to be cleaned and put in her dance outfit. Then Jabba called for the band to start playing some music and Liza happily got to her feet, for dancing was the best part of the day for her because she was able to move her body around and put some distance between herself and her horrible master.

As the band started to play Liza began her dance. Paying no attention to anything but what she was doing, Liza started to do one of her favored dances that she knew Jabba would like. All of her fears were washed away as she danced across the room. Liza may not like him very much, but today she wanted to please Jabba no matter the cost to her dignity. As she danced across the dance floor, Liza slowly loosened the straps holding her netted outfit on her sexy body. She let her breast drop out as she continued to remove her costume. Jabba’s eyes widened in surprise as he watched his sexy slave girl willingly strip for him. When she was completely naked she through her thin piece of clothing to the side and slide her hands over her smooth sexy body. Everyone was now watching her. Liza was actually enjoying all the attention her dance was getting, and started wiping her chain sexily around as she dance, enjoying the freedom of that uncomfortable outfit she always had to wear. Liza jiggled her breast and then wiped her leash sexily a couple more times. Liza was the only one dancing now as everyone, but the band, stopped whatever they were doing to watch her dance.

Jabba was getting turned on by Liza’s dance, and he started to tug on her leash. Liza failed to notice her master’s summons and continued to dance. She was enjoying herself so much that got carried away and wiped her chain harder than she meant to and it flung into the air and hit Jabba hard in the face. Outraged by this, Jabba started to pull roughly on Liza leash, dragging her towards his throne. Liza, knowing what a terrible mistake she had made, tried to stop from being pulled over the trap door that would send her to the rancor that await down below.

“Please Master! I didn’t mean to hit you!” Liza pleaded. “Give me another chance! I’ll do anything! ANYTHING!!!”

“Oh but my dear slut, what I want is to watch you die.” Jabba said as he continued to pull her closer and closer to the trap door. “Besides I have found someone to replace you and my pet needs to be fed.”

“I can be naked all of the time!” Liza cried desperately. “I’ll be more willing to have sex with you! PLEASE DON’T FEED ME TO THE RANCOR!!!”

Everyone’s eyes were still on Liza as she moved closer and closer to the trap door. She was now only a few inches away from the thing she had been afraid to walk over ever since she came to live in the palace. She pulled as hard as she could on the chain, but she was still moving closer to her horrible fate. Jabba gave one hard yank on the her leash that forces Liza to make that last step, putting her right on top of the trap door. Liza closed her eyes as Jabba slammed his hand on the button next to him, sending her falling through the floor.

She screamed in horror all the way down into the rancor’s pit. When Liza tumbled to the bottom she quit scream so that she could listen to the noise around her. She looked up to see the people in the throne room laughing and cheering at her dreadful fate. Suddenly a large iron door on the far side of the pit started to open, and her face filled with tears for she knew what was coming for her. Liza looked around for an escape as the rancor came through the large open door, but all she could find was the bones of the people who came before her. The rancor quickly grabbed Liza and lifted her towards its large carnivorous mouth. Liza took one last look up at the throne room and saw the people laughing at her misfortune, and then a wall of teeth as the mouth closed around her. Her sexy body was completely devoured in a matter of seconds.

When Jabba was finished watching the rancor eat its tasty meal, he called for Oola to be brought to him with a leash around her neck to dance for her new master.



This is one of my old stories that I decided to edit and post. I hope you all like it.
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strip2761 Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2014
I wouldn't drop that one to the rancor.  I'd punish her by endless pleasure until she was limb in her lower body. 
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whos the model
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Can I PLEASE come back as Jabba's pet Rancor in my next life?? He gets to eat the sexiest girls!!! Poor Liza, loved her struggle to stay alive, fantastic story VC! and awesome manip as well!
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